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Hand-Cut Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles
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Price List
Notes: 1. Puzzle size, square inches & piece count are approximate and will vary according to original artwork, puzzle design and piece size. 2. Each puzzle includes one specialty silhouette piece. Additional specialty pieces are extra. 3. Prices subject to change without notice. 4. Please call for pricing on other sizes and options.
Small Piece Puzzles
Extra Challenging Small Pieces
(approx. 2 - 3  pieces per sq. inch)
Medium Piece Puzzles
Challenging - Most Requested Piece Size
(approx. 1 - 2  pieces per sq. inch)
X-Large Piece Puzzles
Excellent for
• Wedding Reception Guest Book
• Grand Openings
• Team-building Events
• Corporate Events / Gatherings
(approx. 1 piece per 3 - 4 sq. inch).
Large Piece Puzzles
Great for Toddlers, Learning Projects, Schools & Puzzlers with Limited Eyesight
(approx. 1 piece per 2 - 3 sq. inch)